Dark Academia Fashion for Men/Male

For men looking to try out the scholarly style, here is your complete guide to achieving the dark academia aesthetic.

Key Elements of Dark Academia Men’s Fashion

  • Tailored wool, tweed, corduroy and linen pieces
  • Crisp collared shirts under knit sweaters and vests
  • Muted color palettes of black, brown, olive, cream, gray
  • Tartan, argyle, herringbone and subtle plaid patterns
  • Leather bags like messenger, shoulder and briefcases
  • Polished leather shoes like Oxfords and loafers
  • Accessories like watches, pens, reading glasses

How to Create Full Dark Academia Outfits

The Full Suit & Overcoat Look

A classic tailored suit encapsulates dark academia sophistication. Opt for a tweed or herringbone patterned three-piece suit in gray, brown or navy. Pair with a collared shirt, silk tie and vest, along with leather dress shoes and overcoat. Top with a fedora or flat cap.

The sweater Vest & Trousers Combo

Capture scholarly vibes with a sweater vest over a collared shirt, under a fitted blazer. Wear with high-waisted pleated trousers and leather belt. Finish with scarf, brogues, leather briefcase and analog watch.

The All Black Gothic Look

Show off dark academia’s gothic edge with an all-black ensemble. Try a black turtleneck, overcoat, and fitted slacks. Wear black Chelsea boots with silver buckles. Top with a dramatic cape. Accessorize with silver rings and a pendant necklace.

The Textured Coat & Scarf Look

In cold weather, pair textured wool or corduroy trousers with a chunky turtleneck sweater in cream, gray or mustard. Layer a long wool coat on top and wrap a large plaid scarf around the neck. Carry a hardcover book and shoulder leather bag.

The Relaxed Chinos & Loafers Look

For a casual dark academia vibe, try relaxed chinos cuffed at the ankle, with a collared shirt half-tucked in. Layer a loose knit sweater or cardigan on top. Finish with minimal white sneakers or brown leather loafers.

The Bold Tartan Print Look

Incorporate striking tartan or plaid prints for a scholarly edge. Pair a tartan blazer with a turtleneck and matching tartan trousers. Or style a subtle plaid button-down under a navy blazer and khaki pants. Bold yet sophisticated.

Accessories & Finishing Touches

Take your entire academia outfit up a level with:

  • Leather messenger bags, briefcases or backpacks for books
  • Analog watches on chain-link straps
  • Fountain pens peeking from breast pockets
  • Tortoiseshell glasses or pince-nez perched on the nose
  • Pocket squares, silk scarves and leather gloves
  • Stacks of old hardcover books and moleskine notebooks

Dark academia fashion allows men to experiment with tailoring, rich textures and scholarly sophistication. Build outfits fit for discussing existentialism while strolling brick university quads or thumbing through leather-bound tomes in an antique library. Embrace an aura of mystery and intellect.

Dark Academia Fashion for Men/Male - Shop the look

For men looking to try out the scholarly style, checkout our collection to achieving the dark academia aesthetic.

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